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BIO 37


Introduction to Biotechnology and Drug Development


Due last day of class.

If you are taking the course for credit or for a letter grade, you must complete the assignment. Write a 2 to 3 page summary of a scientific research article on a topic related to the course. Choose an article that reports original research, not a review article. Suitable journals to find articles include Science, New England Journal of Medicine, Nature, Nature Medicine, Nature Genetics, and Genome Research.

Describe (1) the background or justification for the research, (2) the objective of the research, (3) the methods used, (4) the results, (5) the conclusions, and (6) your own thoughts on the validity and utility of the results. Please hand in a copy of the article with your summary.

Course Syllabus


Sharon Walker: Biotechnology Demystified

McGraw-Hill, First edition - ISBN-10: 0-07-144812-8

William Stansfield: Schaum’s Outline of Molecular and Cell Biology

McGraw-Hill, First edition (September 1, 1996) - ISBN-10: 0070608989

1. Molecular and Cell Biology, Genomics - 4 Weeks


Stansfield, Ch 1-5. Walker Ch 1-3.

Files: Molecules of Life

National Center for Biotechnology Information NCBI

Consumer health information from NLM


2. Laboratory Methods - 2 Weeks


Stansfield, Ch 8-9. Walker Ch 7.

Files: Laboratory Methods, Lab Methods Microarrays


3. Disease: Causes and Diagnosis - 2 Weeks


Stansfield Ch 6, 10, 13. Walker Ch 4 – 6.

Files: Cancer, HIV, Immunology

4. Medical Therapy, FDA Regulation  - 1 Week

Walker Ch 10

Files: Modern Medicines, FDA, Personalized Medicine

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Michael G. Walker, Ph.D.

mwalker at

Class Notes BIO37





Lab Methods.pdf

Lab Methods Microarrays.pdf

Modern Medicines.pdf

Molecules of Life

Personalized Medicine.pdf