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Statistics Training

Biostatistics, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics for
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Research and Development

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Statistics in 1 Hour -  FREE 

A FREE 1-hour introduction to essential statistics.

The 7 most important statistics and how to calculate them in Excel. - (view Excel file)
This course is offered without charge as an introduction to our services.


Statistics in 8 Hours

A gentle introduction to statistical methods.

Learn to interpret your data,  perform more efficient experiments,  improve quality,  get results faster and cheaper with smaller sample sizes, and data mine in your existing databases.
Learn to describe data and detect unusual values, compare treatment effects, interpret p-values, detect and quantify trends. Detect and measure association and correlation. Identify key variables that explain different outcomes. Choose appropriate statistical tests and software.
Topics include probability, correlation, regression, paired and unpaired t-tests, analysis of variance, discriminant analysis and cluster analysis.
8-hour course. Maximum class size 20 students.

Statistics for Clinical Trials Staff

Are you a CRA, CDA, programmer, or other clinical trials team member?

Do you wish you understood what the statisticians do with the data?
In this course, you will learn the key statistical ideas in clinical trials and how your work affects the results of statistical analyses.
You will learn: statistics in protocol design; intent-to-treat and protocol violations; how data errors affect statistical analyses and FDA approval; how to detect unusual values.
Learn about the most-used clinical trial statistics: t-tests and analysis of variance tests of association; survival analysis; p-values and statistical significance; FDA review of clinical trial statistics.
4-hour course. Maximum class size 20 students.

Michael G. Walker, Ph.D.

Consulting Services

Design and application of data analysis methods for biomedical research related to biostatistics, DNA sequence analysis and pharmaceutical development.

Curriculum Vitae

Details of education, employment and professional activities.

Includes a comprehensive list of patents and publications.

Biotech Training Courses

Intro to Biotech and Pharma Industry.

Aging: What causes it?
            What slows it?

What's New in Brain Research?

Background Information

President of Walker Bioscience.

Consulting Professor for the Department of Medicine at
Stanford University.

Popular lecturer at the University of California and at Stanford where he continues to teach and advise graduate students in the Department of Medicine.

Over 30 peer-reviewed publications.

Over 20 patents for the discovery of disease-associated genes and data-analysis methods.

Statistician on three FDA-approved New Drug Applications.

An invited lecturer at:

Harvard School of Medicine
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
European Bioinformatics Institute
Beijing Genome Institute.